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Bicyclism: The Machinery of an Enlightened Mind

Bicyclism is a context for a life. It’s everything that horn blasting, raging haters in cars can’t see when they see us out for a ride. It’s the full picture that explains why a cyclist might be out riding in a gale force wind, in the rain, in the middle of winter; and not because we have lost our car driving licence or are certifiably insane. It’s why n+1 is never enough. It’s technology, it’s lifetime health and fitness, it’s transport, it’s art. It’s cheap and breathtakingly expensive. It’s as diverse as a galaxy, it’s Small is Beautiful. It’s the answer to just about everything, from global warming through to the cure for depression. It’s fun. It can be misery. It’s utterly addictive. It’s the lubrication – if not the drive chain for a life well lived. It has all the possibilities of religion without the wars. Bicyclism Blog is my notepad for thoughts I’d like to share. It’s also the space where I choose to test ideas and material I am working into my book by the same name.