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Decision Made Easy: the 2018 S-Works Roubaix

rodericg January 2, 2019 2 Comments Uncategorized , ,

   Way back in the early 1980’s, our Local Council (called Armidale Regional Council these days), did some maintenance on our local sealed road. We only have the one… And it resembles a single lane cycleway gone to the weeds; also resembling Cormac McCarthy’s post apocalyptic road of desolation in his book, appropriately called The […]

The dangers of cycling, the safety of motorbikes and the perfections of the motorcar

rodericg October 15, 2018 No Comments Uncategorized

To paraphrase ten million pages of deep, dense, philosophical wordy meanderings (enough to fill a million academic careers), every person has an opinion on everything, and most of the time, those opinions are in violent opposition to the opinions of everyone else. Like, for example, the topic of the stupidity of cyclists to be, or […]

Twin Peaks

rodericg May 5, 2018 No Comments Bicyclism, Bike Technology

There is a place with two wonderfully serious hills, one after the other. Two Hors Categorie peaks. Each is seven km or so in length, and about 10 per cent plus to climb and about the same to descend. They are located in a remote river valley with views to remember.  Both hills wind in a […]

Flying Outside the Matrix

rodericg April 20, 2018 No Comments Bicyclism

I have always considered that the essence of what defines a person’s intellect to be either engaging or as dull as an Australian politician is the degree of reflexivity inherent in that intellect. A reflexive intellect is one that recognises that other points of view are not only possible, but that you might actually be wrong!. […]

Objective Perfection – The Stupendous Greatness of the Giant TCR Advanced SL 0

rodericg April 20, 2018 No Comments Bike Technology, Bike Tests ,

Note: This post was originally uploaded in 2016. However, all comments remain just as valid for the 2018 TCR Advanced SL 0 rim brake version (the frame is unchanged, the Dura Ace group set has been upgraded by Shimano since, but the TCR has essentially remained unchanged since).  Of course, the Giant Propel has been […]

Road Rage

rodericg April 20, 2017 No Comments Bicyclism

I have developed a perception of death. Death happens if and when I can’t ride my bikes anymore. And not the other way around. Day in day out, every single day, I sometimes wonder how on earth I can stay motivated to ride so persistently; especially when the experience, sometimes, is less than pleasant. It’s […]

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